Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | April 2022 Video Summary:

0:42 DACFP Designation

1:13 Recap – Crypto Webinar

2:04 Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap

5:07 Total TVL (Total Value Locked)

7:12 Total Value Locked All Chains

10:39 Major Cryptoassets by Percentage of Total Market Capitalization

12:16 Venture Financing

13:08 In The News – Headlines

15:36 BTC vs ETH vs SPY – Year to Date

16:02 BTC vs ETH vs SPY – One Year

16:22 BTC vs ETH vs SPY – Five Years

18:38 Willow Crypto – Portfolio Overview


22:23 Q: Pros & Cons – Leaving Crypto on Exchanges or Lend or Stake

27:00 Q: Can the Government prevent movement of holdings to alternative investments as a tool to stem devaluation of its currency

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