Digital Asset Update – July 2022

Digital Asset Update – July 2022  We cover current market conditions, recent developments in the digital asset landscape, how things are evolving, and what some of the implications could be. 1:17 Recent Events in Crytpo 1:29 CeFi Lending Failures 5:29 What Happened 11:26 What’s still viable coming out of this 14:15 Custodian’s survival 16:38 New […]

Digital Asset Update – April 2022

Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | April 2022 Video Summary: 0:42 DACFP Designation 1:13 Recap – Crypto Webinar 2:04 Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap 5:07 Total TVL (Total Value Locked) 7:12 Total Value Locked All Chains 10:39 Major Cryptoassets by Percentage of Total Market Capitalization 12:16 Venture Financing 13:08 In The News – Headlines 15:36 BTC […]

Digital Asset Update – October 2021

Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | October 2021 Video Summary: The idea around stablecoins and digitizing dollars is still in its early stages, but it is only gaining more and more adoption. We’ve been seeing a lot of positive development in this area recently. The US FDIC is starting to study deposit insurance for stablecoins. A […]

Digital Asset Update – August 2021

Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | August 2021 Video Summary: We’re starting to see more and more institutional and global adoption of digital assets. In general, more companies are leaning into this whole space and starting to explore at a much greater level than even a few years ago. For example, the second largest US […]

Digital Asset Update – June 2021

Digital asset update – June 2021 Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A Video Summary: We are not surprised by the recent draw down in Bitcoin and Ethereum. We fully expect these trends of volatility to continue until this becomes a widely adopted asset class. This is why we want to ensure that everyone is aware of […]