Digital Asset Update – July 2022

Digital Asset Update – July 2022  We cover current market conditions, recent developments in the digital asset landscape, how things are evolving, and what some of the implications could be. 1:17 Recent Events in Crytpo 1:29 CeFi Lending Failures 5:29 What Happened 11:26 What’s still viable coming out of this 14:15 Custodian’s survival 16:38 New […]

Digital Asset Update – April 2022

Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | April 2022 Video Summary: 0:42 DACFP Designation 1:13 Recap – Crypto Webinar 2:04 Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap 5:07 Total TVL (Total Value Locked) 7:12 Total Value Locked All Chains 10:39 Major Cryptoassets by Percentage of Total Market Capitalization 12:16 Venture Financing 13:08 In The News – Headlines 15:36 BTC […]

Willow Crypto & the ESG Approach to Crypto

In this episode, Marc Nichols talks with Alexandra Dest, CEO, and Founder at Willow Investments, and Paul Farella, Owner and Managing Director at Willow Investments. They discuss why “profit, people, planet” is woven into the fabric of Willow, how they evolved to have a crypto offering, and what the future holds for advisors. Alexandra also […]

Crypto SMAs – The Easy Onramp For For Financial Advisors

Join our advisor-focused event to learn how Crypto Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) can give your clients the exposure to digital assets they want while letting you spend your time with your clients and growing your practice. Topics Include: -> Managing Crypto assets vs. traditional securities-> Understanding Crypto custody and Compliance-> The advantages of Crypto SMAs […]

Digital Asset Update – October 2021

Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | October 2021 Video Summary: The idea around stablecoins and digitizing dollars is still in its early stages, but it is only gaining more and more adoption. We’ve been seeing a lot of positive development in this area recently. The US FDIC is starting to study deposit insurance for stablecoins. A […]

The Future of Cryptocurrency

OLLI’s Tech Impact Forum presents: The Future of Cryptocurrency: An Online Talk with Paul Farella and Lewis Cohen Cryptocurrency, a digital currency that has been developing for over ten years, has attracted intense and accelerating interest across the world. It has also sparked controversy, at different levels, with much to be clarified. Join our two […]

Digital Asset Update – August 2021

Digital Asset Update + Open Q&A | August 2021 Video Summary: We’re starting to see more and more institutional and global adoption of digital assets. In general, more companies are leaning into this whole space and starting to explore at a much greater level than even a few years ago. For example, the second largest US […]

Crypto 101

Join Alexandra Dest, Founder & CEO of Willow Investments and Paul Farella as they explain what cryptocurrency is, how it works and what opportunities could exist in this space.

Willow Crypto: An Introduction, Part 2

Join Alexandra and Paul as they continue their deep dive into the digital asset space and present their reasoning for Willow’s newest offering: Willow Crypto and the Willow Crypto SMA. Willow Crypto: An Introduction + Open Q&A Part II Video Summary: The reason why we started looking at this area for investment is because of the […]

Willow Crypto: An Introduction, Part 1

Willow Crypto: An Introduction + Open Q&A Video Summary (April 2021): Back in the early 90s, when the internet first started, there were big names in investments who were saying that the internet wasn’t going to impact our lives that much. Alexandra was able to experience the revolution that the internet build-out provided us and now, […]