Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

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Looking to get into crypto but don't know where to start?

Professionally managed cryptocurrency portfolios for individuals and investment advisors. 

Looking to get into crypto but don't know where to start?

Professionally managed cryptocurrency portfolios for individuals and investment advisors. 

If you are looking for traditional asset management services please visit our sister site Willow

Our services

We make cryptocurrencies accessible

For Individuals

We help you navigate the digital asset landscape.

We manage a digital asset portfolio through the SMA  (separately managed account) structure to provide you professionally managed and diversified investment into the world of cryptocurrencies.

For Advisors

We provide sub-advisory services to Advisors and Wealth Managers so you can offer your clients all the benefits of direct ownership of digital assets without needing to have in-depth crypto experience, all done through a simple and user-friendly interface.

We provide​

Security & Soundness

Assets are held at a qualified custodian in an offline, institutional-grade custody account, with industry leading security.

Inclusion & Accessibility

We have no minimums. There are no lock up periods.

Direct Ownership

Clients own the underlying crypto currencies and digital assets directly.

Insured & Compliant

Cash is FDIC insured and Digital Assets Insurance covers digital assets in the event of a custodial hack.

Deep Knowledge Base

We are credentialed experts with 45+ combined years experience in traditional financial markets. We've been in crypto markets since 2016.

Seamless Onboarding

We have a fully digital onboarding process, making opening and funding accounts simple.

Our investment philosophy

While bitcoin has paved the way for digital assets, proving a concept and defining an entirely new asset class, digital assets are not just about bitcoin. We believe it is only proper to diversify in this space to capture the full potential unlocked by this disruptive technology. We liken today to the internet build out of the 1990s. Simply put, we believe there will not be one winner, but many. The crypto and digital asset landscape is diverse and complex in what real world problems and inefficiencies it aims to solve.

Our approach to investing in the cryptocurrency and digital assets realm revolves around three main areas:


We believe projects with established and growing communities of individuals and developers are positioned for success.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We believe in projects that solve challenges and make the space more resilient, robust, and useful.

Productive Use-Cases

We believe in projects bringing new efficiencies to market, solving real-world problems, disintermediating legacy systems, and creating a fairer, more connected, and just world.

Willow Crypto Digital Asset Strategy

*Cash allocation can vary depending on market conditions.

DISCLAIMER: While the above reflects where our current focus lies, the landscape is constantly shifting and growing so these themes may develop and change over time. One more reason having an experienced ally in the space helps.

Who we are

We prioritize our future. 

The crypto renaissance is upon us, advances in technology (blockchain + internet) are providing new ways for people to transact and coordinate on a scale never before possible with brand new trust assumptions. Old models are being disrupted while innovation is flourishing. The future of work, trade, commerce, culture, and beyond are changing. 

As a Certified B Corporation® and nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise, we believe inclusion, accessibility, transparency, forward thinking, and action will pave the way toward a brighter future.

Our team

Headquartered in Pittsfield, MA the heart of the Berkshires, Willow Crypto, a DBA of ADCM, LLC an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm,  specializes in cryptocurrency and digital asset management. Willow Crypto creates professionally managed cryptocurrency portfolios to provide core exposure to the most promising crypto assets and tactical allocations to emerging and evolving trends in the crypto and digital assets space.

Our portfolio management team has decades of experience in financial markets, navigating client assets through multiple market cycles from boom to bust (1987, dot com, GFC). Further, we have many years of experience with values integration and the connection between sustainability and the promise of decentralization and distributed systems enabled through cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and digital assets cannot be ignored.

Alexandra Dest

Founder, CEO

Paul Farella, MBA, CDAA™

Managing Director

Alexandra Dest

Founder, CEO

Paul Farella, MBA, CDAA™

Managing Director